Slam City camps will provide athletes with the opportunity to develop in an intense, competitive environment. Our programs are constructed with the intent of making players play intelligent basketball, train efficiently and with purpose, to be an extension of the coach on the court, and lead on and off of the court in every aspect of life.

  • Get your teammates involved in the offense.
  • Get to the rim by breaking down your defender effectively.
  • Develop a shooter's mentality and find high percentage shots.
  • Give your coach confidence when you have possession of the ball.
  • Handle pressure and keep turnovers to a minimum.
  • Read the offense and know what to do and where to go.
  • Create scoring oportunities with and without the ball.
  • Demand attention in the paint.
  • Take your opponent out of his comfort zone by playing intelligent, tough defense.
  • Develop control of your body, footwork, and balance.
  • Change the game by making plays

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For Boys and Girls - ages 5 - 16

Northern Virginia Sessions
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  • June 16-20
  • June 23-27
  • June 30-July 3
  • July 7-11
  • July 14-18
  • August 11-15
  • August 18-22
  • August 25-2nZoneBrochure2014-29