Training Programs

Training and camps offered by SCMG are open to male and female athletes from elementary through high school.

More experienced players will be able to maximize the benefits that SCMG’s training can provide. The techniques and principles emphasized at SCMG will allow the player to stand out in a crowd.

SCMG will provide athletes with the opportunity to develop in an intense, competitive environment. Our programs are constructed with the intent of making players play intelligent basketball, train efficiently and with purpose, to be an extension of the coach on the court, and to lead on and off of the court in every aspect of life.


It is not enough to simply go to the gym and shoot, dribble, and play. Have you ever put in the time but didn’t feel that the results equaled the effort? Are you getting noticed by your coaches for all the hard work you have done?

SCMG will give you the tools you will need to maximize your training. Once you have these tools you will be able to apply these to those many workout hours and you will see results. Along with these training tools, you will receive advice and techniques in the areas of nutrition, preparation, hydration, and recovery that will further maximize the results of your training.

Walt WebbJMU