Slam City Reviews

Slam City Basketball Training Parent Reviews

I have two daughters (ages 9 and 17) who attend training at Slam City and we couldn't be happier with the program. In the 2 months since we discovered Slam City, my daughters have dramatically improved their basketball skills as a direct result of the individual attention they receive from both Coach Webb and Coach Tapp. Coach Webb helped my older daughter to improve her shooting accuracy almost overnight by correcting her foot placement and arm position. The atmosphere at Slam City is very positive and the players work hard while having fun. I am very thankful that a friend suggested we check out Slam City and I cannot recommend it highly enough!


We are thoroughly impressed with Slam City Basketball. Our daughter has gone from bench player on her high school team to starter in one season. More importantly however, she has gained confidence, stamina, skills, and a love for the game of basketball that simply wasn’t present before working with Slam City. The coaches at Slam City have gone the extra mile to really understand her strengths and weaknesses and have tailored training sessions to overcome those weaknesses and build on her strengths. They have further impressed us by building stronger players through emphasizing the importance of game fundamentals and have set a stellar example by coaching with high personal standards and integrity. We simply cannot say enough about the quality program at Slam City!

-Nicole & Sam