About Us

 SCMG Services Help Teachers & Parents

  • Personal Sports Specific Training (Mobile training available)/ Sports-Specific Camps
  • Marketing the student-athlete—including internet exposure, networking to numerous colleges; local & national rankings
  • Personal athlete evaluations providing current status along with goals to achieve future potential
  • Education for both students and parents on topics which include:
       1. Choosing the right college
       2. Choosing the right coach
       3. Choosing the right conference
       4. Challenging the athlete to play multiple positions to increase marketability


SCMG Services Help Coaches

  • How to get Parents to work with you
  • Building a Philosophy
  • Designing a program for athletes to follow
  • Developing effective practice formats
  • Development of in-season/off-season programs
  • Becoming a “Players” Coach
  • Rules of the Game
  • How to guarantee a winning season
  • When to accept and decline parent involvement
  • Fundraising
  • Offensive and Defensive strategies
  • Understanding chalk talk
  • How to stay focused
  • How to keep positive relationships with officials